National Observatory System of e-Learning Activities INVENTORY
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The Secretariats of Main Medical Sciences Education Sub-regions in Iran:
Active e-Teachers
All e-Teachers: 132000
Teacher-Course: 132000
Active e-Courses
Seen e-Courses: 132000
All e-Courses: 132000
Active e-Students
All e-Students: 132000
Student-Course: 132000
Realtime accumulative statistics of NAVID usage in all universities for current semester.
e-Learning activities facts and figures
Hereby detailed statistics on e-Learning activities in universities of medical sciences are presented. Of course this would help authorities...
Virtual academic degrees
In addition to integrating e-learning in face to face programs, i.e. blended learning, Iranian universities of medical sciences take into consideration the agenda of delivering accredited...
Accreditation system of e-learning activities
Virtual University of Medical Sciences (VUMS), that is the delegated secretariat of Iran’s High Council of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences Education as well, is recognized by ...
Accredited e-learning centers and virtual schools
Accreditation of e-Learning centers and schools is an ongoing process that begins with volunteer requests from these centers. As a matter of fact...
Iran's national MOOCs: ARMAN
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) is a platform that delivers interactive courses for enthusiasts via the web. However, ARMAN is the Iranian national MOOCs being designed...
NAVID Learning Management System
The main objective of a Learning Management System (LMS) is to provide an environment for not only delivering content, but also handling course administration...
Scholarship of teaching and learning in e-learning
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is defined as the meticulous investigation of teaching – learning process, with the purpose of developing new instructional ...
Portal of e-learning centers and schools’ data gathering (In Persian)
This password protected portal is established for gathering data from e-learning centers and virtual schools of Iranian universities...